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Here we present the results of some studies prepared by Group members.

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Either download the complete set of papers in a .zip file here

view or download individual files using the links listed below.

Part 1 - How It Came About  by Derek Thornton

Part 2 - The Great Reform Act  by Jenni McKeever

Part 3 - Education & Reading Groups  by Wendy Raeside

Part 4 - Poor Law Amendment 1834  by Liz Bush

Part 5 - The Peoples Charter and Key Chartists by Vanessa Cummings

Part 6 - Newport Rising and 1842 Depression by Sue Hester

Part 7 - Anti-Corn Law League by Annette Baldock

Part 8 - Chartist Cooperative Land Company by Pauline Smart

Part 9 - 1848 Petition by Jan Coggins