At the inaugural meeting in July 2010  the group decided to approach the subject of History from the point of view of ‘World History Over the Ages’ rather than start, say, at the Bronze Age and progress to present day.

It was felt that this way we can look at various aspects without being tied to a particular period.

The subject for research is suggested by and agreed upon by the group as a whole about two months in advance.

All members are encouraged to take part in individual research so that everyone in the group will have the opportunity to take an active part in the discussion of the subjects chosen.

We have borrowed some DVDs from the Resource Centre but usually we undertake our own research.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Bracknell Methodist Church, commencing at 10.15 for approximately two hours.

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Current and Planned Activities

History of weights, measures and time The Group intends to spend a couple of months on this and started by looking at how definitions of weights and measures have been modernised in the past century. We also looked at linear measurements, imperial and metric, and some members will take note of the imperial lengths that can be seen in Trafalgar Square when next in London.

The emergence of GMT in the 1880s and the effect the railways had on defining a common time for the whole country was also discussed. We finished the session with a look at how different civilizations across history have measured and recorded time.

We move on to look at area measurements, and the measurement of liquids. Then longitude and John Harrison as well as Ordnance Survey.