About Us

Who Are Bracknell Forest U3A (BFU3A)?

Bracknell Forest U3A is a member of the Third Age Trust, a national registered charity which is the national representative body for the U3A movement in the UK and provides a range of support services to the local U3As.

Bracknell Forest U3A was formed in January 2001 at a public meeting of approximately 80 people. Current membership is over 550.

What Is The University Of The Third Age?

Better known as 'U3A' it is a self-help educational organisation open to anyone no longer in full-time employment who wishes to keep the brain alive and active after middle age by taking part in all kinds of educational, creative and leisure activities. U3A consists of a nation-wide network of autonomous bodies which are recognized for their contribution to adult education.
To see the Guide for Members click here.
For the the National U3A website click here.

How Does It Work?

Very simply put it is based on the idea that 'You teach me - I teach you.' We all come to learn: some of us, but by no means all, are willing to teach but we all contribute to our chosen study groups. There are occasional outside speakers.

Must I Be Qualified To Join?

No, you only have to have the desire to learn. Unlike the usual universities there are no entry qualifications (except that you are no longer in full-time employment) and there are no barriers.
We are all volunteers so the annual subscription is kept to a minimum.

Are There Exams?

Everything is delightfully informal.
we just learn for the pleasure of learning without worrying about tests.

How Do I Find Out More?

Click the 'Membership Enq.' tab above; you can send us an e-mail from there if you like.
Alternatively come along to our next Open Meeting, just click on "Open Meeting Diary" to find out all about our next open meeting.

Bracknell U3A Publicity Event

In 2018 we took part in a Community Expo event in the Bracknell area.
For a brief outline of the event, including photos and a short video by our Chair and Vice-Chair,
 click here.