Times Out Trip Reports - 2022

Times Out Theatre Trip - Barefoot in the Park
Thursday 28th July

On the evening of the 28th July 12 of our members went to the Mill at Sonning to see
Neil Simon’s ‘Barefoot in the Park’.

The play was a comedy with just 5 actors and was based on the life of a newly married couple who were setting up home, 5 floors up (by stairs), in a small apartment in
New York.

The acting and timing were excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed the production.

As usual the meal was very good in both choice and quality and we look forward to our next visit to the Mill.

(Sorry but copyright prevents us including pictures of the play)

Times Out Trip - Midsomer Murders Tour (Thame, Oxfordshire)
Wednesday 13th July

Corston (Thame) Town HallOn Wednesday 13th July 15 of our members went on the Midsomer Murders Tour in the town of Thame where most of the scenes were filmed.

We met at the Thame Town Museum first to view the history of the town and many artefacts going back several centuries.

There was also an area specifically for the evolvement of the Midsomer Murders programme and an area to commemorate the death 10 years ago of one of Thame’s more recent celebrities Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees who was born in Thame and was living there when he passed away in 2012.

Whilst we were there we saw Robin Gibb’s widow showing the Radio 2 D.J. Paul Gambaccini around this special section of the museum.

We then went for lunch at various eateries around the town and reconvened outside the Town Hall at our allotted time of 2.15 pm.

The guided walking tour lasted approximately 2 hours and the guide showed us many buildings and locations used in the filming of Midsomer Murders as well as giving us some interesting town history.

We finished the tour by viewing Prebendal, the house where Robin Gibb lived and viewed his grave in the graveyard opposite his house.

This was a trip we can well recommend and suggest other BFU3A groups try it as it was a great day out not too far from Bracknell.

Times Out Trip - London Hidden Walk
Monday 20th June

On Monday 20th of June 17 of our members went on the hidden London walk.

We travelled by train to Waterloo and started the walk on Westminster Bridge and on to parliament square to see the statues.  Next we passed the Jewel Tower then entered Victoria Gardens on our way to Millbank where we had a break for lunch. 

We view the archive gallery at Tate Britain then walked through Smith Square eventually arrived at the treasury and downing street where

we went over to the cenotaph and the bronze memorial to women of world war two. We finished the walk on the embankment near Scotland Yard.


A very pleasant day for the weather and the only hold up we had was a change of trains at Staines on the homeward journey which delayed us by about half an hour, although some other party called an earlier train and got back to Bracknell without a problem.

Thank you again two Alan and Pauline Buckingham for  arranging the itinerary and leading this trip.

Times Out Trip to Wokingham Theatre to see The Father
Wednesday 27th April

Photographs courtesy of Simon Vail

On Wednesday 27th April 19 of our members attended the Samaritan’s charity evening at the Wokingham theatre to see the plat “The Father”.

The play was written by French playwright Florian Zeller and was released as a film in 2020. The story is based around ‘The Father’ who is suffering with dementia and the family who are having to also deal with it. A clip from the programme states:-

 “Florian Zeller’s script is a fascinating read. He has managed to present a story where the audience is immersed in the experiences of the lead character. You are not just watching a play about dementia. Zeller wants you to experience, even if just superficially, some of the sensations of the condition - the disorientation and déjà vu.”

The actor playing the father was excellent and we all enjoyed a very thought provoking play.

Times Out Trip to Brookwood Cemetery
Friday 25th March
On Friday 25th March 14 of our members went on a guided tour of Brookwood Cemetery, also known as the London Necropolis. We predominantly visited the Anglican section and passed quite a large Muslim area as well. The cemetery is so big (about 450 acres and the largest cemetery in Britain) that we could only see a small part of it.

The cemetery started in 1854 by the government owned London Necropolis Company to take the overspill of bodies from the crowded cemeteries in London; it is now run by Woking Necropolis and Mausoleum Limited, subsidiary of Woking Borough Council. In the beginning a dedicated railway was built from Waterloo to Brookwood to take this overspill and there were 3 classes of travel to choose from; not that this would bother you if you were in your coffin.

We were told that there was an HS2 area where graves, disturbed by the building of HS2, were moved to Brookwood.

We saw the graves of author Denis Wheatley, artist John Singer Sargent and Tiller Girls manager John Tiller. Many of the other graves we saw were of first and second world war soldiers, some holders of the Victoria Cross.

There is a Greek Orthodox church and monastery within the cemetery and we were allowed into the church where we were given a brief history and told about its present day use.

The tour lasted 2 hours and we were blessed with good weather. Afterwards we were given a welcome cuppa and biscuits.

A very interesting tour and if you want any more info follow the link - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brookwood_Cemetery
The tour was lead by a volunteer and her assistant from the Brookwood Cemetery Society. The society run regular tours on the first Sunday of each month at 1 p.m.

Times Out Trip to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens
Tuesday 1st February

On Tuesday 1st February 12 of our members visited the Sir Harold Hillier gardens near Romsey, Hampshire.

We spent some time walking round the beautiful winter garden there (and playing in the Playhouse) before making our way around the perimeter path, a quick musical recital on the xylophone by Debby and past the large pond full of fish. On our way we saw snowdrops, some camellia just beginning to flower, Dogwood, Winter Fire, Witch Hazel and blossom just showing on some trees.

At the pond we took a detour into the woods where there is an area fenced off with a few pigs busy doing whatever pigs in woodlands do, maybe searching for truffles?

After lunch we went to the Heather Garden via the Spring Walk; along the way there were several statues, sculptures and memorials.

The weather was quite mild although a little windy at times but dry and some sun from time to time. Altogether a very pleasant walk around the gardens which promise to be spectacular in the spring and summer.

Times Out Theatre Trip - Top Hat
Wednesday 5th January

On the cold evening of 5th January 18 of our members went to see the musical “Top Hat” at the Mill at Sonning.

It was booked about 6 months ago and did not disappoint.

The cast were very proficient at tap dancing and many were also good singers especially the two characters, Jerry Travers and Dale Tremont.

The costumes were well designed and the staging was excellent.

Before the show we had a very good two course meal plus coffee and the service was also good.

A most enjoyable evening.