Science & Technology

The Science and Technology Group has resumed its meetings at Shepherds Lane Methodist Church in Bracknell, between 10 am and noon, but is now meeting on the second Thursday of the month.

We are a group who are curious about science and technology. Some of us have experience in an area and are able to share some of that experience with the rest of the group. Others have no scientific or technological background but just enjoy hearing about and discussing a variety of topics.

Our meeting may contain a presentation or two by members of the group or by a guest speaker. We often watch some talks downloaded from the internet. All presentations generate a lively discussion, and we occasionally have a speaker-led discussion on a subject like climate change or nutrition.

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Some Activities Before Lockdown

A highlight of pre-lockdown meetings was a presentation and demonstration by our group member Ewan of his "Cricket Scoreboard - A Microcontroller Project”. With inexpensive components and a few hundred lines of code it was very impressive to see what he has made.

In our regular courses we looked at extreme weather including the topical Polar Vortex; apparently Hawaii has eight different climate zones. We then heard how forensic scientists check whether someone is dead; phrases like “saved by the bell” and holding a “wake” date back to when people came back to life after being declared dead. In astronomy we heard about the science before and after telescopes, and about the important differences between reflecting and refracting telescopes.

A short talk about teaching a computer to understand photographs revealed how far there is still to go - it still made humorous mistakes after intensive training. Driverless cars can’t afford to make mistakes.