We have returned to face-to-face meetings and are now meeting in the Methodist Church on the first Tuesday of the month.

Stephen Law’s The Philosophy Gym continues to be our book for reading.

God frequently turns up in discussions and at a recent meeting this was no exception. Does God Exist? was the title of the chapter. As usual each of us had different opinions. The problem as always is ‘definition’. We each had a different idea as to where God is and what he is responsible for. My main thought is: if God did not create the universe who did? But in all religions a big problem with a good and kind God is: why does God allow bad things like earthquakes and disease? Some people need to have a God, while others appear to have no interest. As one of our members pointed out, every week church people pray to God for the health of the Royal Family, yet they are no healthier than the rest of us!

Come and join us - we are always on the lookout for new members with ideas of their own.

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