Music Appreciation (Classical) 

This is one of the more popular of the BFU3A Interest Groups; it usually meets in the afternoon on the last Tuesday of the month, in a member's home.

Members compile a programme of approximately 2 hours of music according to their personal choice and taste that they then present to the Group.

We listen to a diverse range of music, including classical, jazz, opera, folk and light music, to name but a few categories.

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Recent Activities

Our first meeting of 2019 started with the rousing Regimental march Lillibulero of REME before comparing styles of composition. This was done by listening to extracts of symphonies, concertos, variations and opera. Composers included Mozart, Debussy, Berlioz and Vaughan Williams.

Also enjoyed were pieces of jazz by Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald before ending the afternoon with another march. The finale was the Regimental march of the Medical Corps Here’s A Health unto Her Majesty.