MOTO 1 (members on their own)

This is one of three groups for Members On Their Own.
Please see also the MOTO2 and MOTO3 groups

Our aim is to arrange events that individual members would like to attend but would prefer to go with like-minded companions rather than alone.

There are monthly meetings, held in the Coordinator's home, for discussion and to plan future events.

There are frequent visits to Wokingham Theatre and other local arts centres. There are monthly Sunday lunches held at various local hostelries. There are also visits to London museums and galleries and other places of general interest, including an annual trip to the Globe Theatre.

Some members have even got together for short holiday breaks, including coach trips to see in the New Year at a hotel.

We have over 50 members in this group, all of whom have found something of interest within the Group's activities.

During lockdown the group has been holding virtual meetings via Zoom, and a return to normal events is in planning.

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Recent Activities

In December 2019, our visit to the Wokingham Theatre was to see Christmas Carol that heart-warming eternal contribution to our Christmas entertainment. This year’s production was no less inspiring than those in previous years. Mr Scrooge was his normal tight-with-money self, totally lacking feelings for those in need and even refusing Christmas invitations and greetings from his family and strangers who he passed in the street. For somebody with lots of money he was very grumpy! Mr Scrooge was once again put through his short, but scary rehabilitation overnight, where his past sins could be relived with the help of angels. As you would expect at Christmas there was a happy and hearty ending with a Christmas carol being sung by the whole cast and audience. Relief swept through the audience - after all it was Christmas.

Once again the Theatre cast and back-stage support was excellent from beginning to end. In this case some actors’ voices needed to be strengthened at times, especially for those in the audience who had partial hearing issues. Once again though, the story was strong, the stage scenery was immaculate and the actors were outstanding. I am never disappointed with Wokingham Theatre productions and I for one will return many times in the future.

For our group Christmas meal we went back to Easthampstead Park. It is under new ownership (as a Hotel) and they are in the process of refurbishing both the rooms and public spaces. As usual, this annual meeting was well attended with 46 members sitting down to the meal.

The first event of 2020 was Skittles at the Binfield Club (including a hot and cold buffet). 30 members had a great evening knocking down the skittles (or missing them completely!). The only problem was that you had to keep setting them up again. We all enjoyed the evening and I’m sure it will be repeated soon.