Gardening 1

Gardening Group 1 meet informally each month at Garden Centres, visit NGS and NT gardens, make Private Garden Visits by arrangement and plan our events every 4 to 6 months.

We are a friendly group, always ready to share our enthusiasm for gardens.

If you wish to join us at any meeting or on a trip please contact us via the e-mail:-

National Gardens Scheme Talk

A joint event for the two Gardening Groups and other BFU3A members January 2019

Way back in July 2018  I went to the Hampton Court Flower show.  Beautiful day out as the weather was very kind.  We spotted a stall where lots of ‘yellow’ books were being distributed.   Any keen  gardener  knows exactly what the ‘yellow ‘ book denotes.  Anyway I got talking to two people on the stall and it turned out that they were on the National Garden Scheme committee and that they gave talks all about it.  They lived quite near to Bracknell in Frimley Green and asked if I would be willing to organise a talk for our U3A.   I took their card, thought about it, then decided ‘why not’  I know that quite a few members of our U3A love gardens and gardening.  January is a pretty boring month for gardeners  so marry the two together and have the talk in January.    

The talk was a great success - so interesting and informative.  Not just about the gardens, but about the amount of money raised for charity and about those charities that reply on the NGS for quite of bit of their funding.   Since 1927 the NGS has raised over £55m for charity.     All I can say is well done NGS and look on with sincere admiration.    I have never received so many emails saying ‘thank you’ for organising the talk, so I think that means that everyone who went did really enjoy it.  
Afterwards we had tea and cake in the hall.   The cakes were donated by several of the members of the audience and were greatly appreciated.  Other members helped with the tea and coffee, putting out and putting away the chairs and tables etc.   It was a real team effort by BFU3A members.

Thank you all     -    Pamela