Digital Photography

The Digital Photography Group is for anyone with an interest in photography.

We have around 15 members, with a great range of skills (beginner to competition level), and photographic equipment. 

The meetings take the form of informal discussion to solve any problems, constructive review of any photographs that members have brought with them and a short video normally in the series Grand Courses, Digital Photography when a photographer from National Geographic talks about their pictures and methods.

We meet on the second Monday of each month at the Open Learning Centre,  Rectory Lane, Bracknell from 10:00 until midday.  There is a small charge of about £2 to cover the hire of the room . 

A selection of photographs taken by members of the group can be found here.

For more information please email:-

Recent Activities

A very productive meeting was held in March 2019, with half a dozen contributions from members.

Peter demonstrated a Powerpoint presentation, set to music, which stimulated conversation about how different computers handle/mishandle synchronisation of sound track.
Phil showed a couple of pictures of trees, seeking to get views about the best way to make correction to perspective.
Paula provided a few pictures from her recent holiday in south-east Asia.
Jill showed some of her latest contribution to the Bracknell regeneration archive.
Bruce, too, had a presentation package with musical accompaniment showing pictures from a visit to the Watts Cemetery Chapel at Compton,
New member Mike also made a contribution with a few pictures from Spain.

The meeting concluded with the usual video from Joel Sartore [who works for National Geographic magazine] in which he demonstrated different lighting techniques; this was maybe too elaborate for the likes of us, who tend not to take so much kit and models out with us on our photo shoots.