Computing Libre

This group is for people who want to hear about, get support for, or just discuss, computing with 'libre' software. Libre software is software which is usually gratis, yet is legally licensed in a specific and open way to enable and encourage a community friendly sharing culture.

 It is worth noting that most ordinary 'free' software is encumbered with restrictions, including the restriction through secrecy of its contents. For four years, the UK Governments have been very keen to encourage use of 'Libre' software.

Started 25 years ago 'Libre' (free) Software, not only survived, but has prospered against intense
opposition to come to dominate many areas of computing.

There is a lot of libre software for Windows, and a lot more for systems not running Windows.
The Group will cater for both systems, Windows and non Windows.
However, it is likely that more time will be spent on non - Windows systems, such as Ubuntu, because it is more unusual, and has many advantages.

The Group will be happy to welcome those with a passing interest or curiosity, also existing users.
If you had been wondering about your old spare PC, then consider getting this group to work an
Ubuntu 'miracle' on it, and be amazed!

The Group meets at a member's house, at 14:00 hrs on the second Wednesday of each month.

For more information please email:-