Book Group 1

The Book Group reads books for enjoyment. The titles selected mirror our interests but are also chosen to improve the quality and range of our reading.

Our monthly meeting
We meet between 2 and 4 pm on the second Tuesday of each month when a volunteer introduces the "Book of the Month", which is usually a modern novel, but occasionally a classic or non-fiction book. This is followed by a general discussion  which everyone joins in and puts forward their opinions. Ideally we will all have read the book and had time to think about it, but know that this is not always possible and welcome those who come to hear other members' views. After a break for tea, books for future meetings are discussed and chosen by popular agreement.

 We obtain most of our books from Maidenhead Library  in batches of ten from their Book Group  Reading Scheme. Hence our membership is now set at 10.

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Recent Activities

November 2018 brought That Woman by Anne Sebba. Even if we were too young, the story of King Edward VIII’s abdication and Mrs Simpson must have entered our consciousness at some time. This book tells the rather sad tale of the two lovers, the one a spoilt prince with a massive ego, the other a relatively poor American twice married woman looking for financial security and social position. It’s all there and we can only speculate, 80 years later, whether things would be managed better now.

To finish the year off we attempted our Everest, The Ambassadors by Henry James. This is widely considered a Classic novel. The story is set in the late 1800s and follows a rich American’s son who is living in Paris and thought to be embroiled with dubious female contacts. Mother sends "ambassadors" to Europe to persuade him to come home to an important job in the family firm. It is a good story but the writing style and structure makes it almost impossible to follow; only three of our readers managed to get to the end. Those who did not should still be commended.

To start the year well, we read The Last Painting of Sara de Vos by Dominic Smith. This proved to be our most readable book of the year. It’s about a female Dutch painter in 1637, a painting, its 20th Century owner and a young female forger and their subsequent relationship. The story teasingly jumps from one time period or place to another revealing a very entertaining tale. Unmissable.