Book Group 1


The Book Group reads books for enjoyment. The titles selected mirror our interests but are also chosen to improve the quality and range of our reading.

Our monthly meeting

We meet between 2 and 4 pm on the second Tuesday of each month when a volunteer introduces the "Book of the Month", which is usually a modern novel, but occasionally a classic or non-fiction book. This is followed by a general discussion  which everyone joins in and puts forward their opinions. Ideally we will all have read the book and had time to think about it, but know that this is not always possible and welcome those who come to hear other members' views. After a break for tea, books for future meetings are discussed and chosen by popular agreement.

At this time we are holding virtual meetings via Zoom.


 We obtain most of our books from Maidenhead Library  in batches of ten from their Book Group  Reading Scheme. Hence our membership is now set at 10.

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Recent Activities

We recently read The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor. It’s a mystery tale set in the aftermath of the Great Fire in 1666. It provides a harsh impression of the survivors, dirt and ash, lack of buildings and great differences between the rich lords and poor peasants. Some of our readers found it slow in places but very challenging, trying to adjust our modern street plans to the much smaller area between the Tower, St Paul’s, the Strand and Whitehall.