Blues/Rock/Jazz Jamming


Interested in joining a "Group" - not to play publicly, just for fun?

We have mixed abilities - no requirement for accomplished musicians.

All instruments are welcomed

Dates and Times

We normally meet at Bracknell Methodist Church on two Fridays each month.
On each of these dates there are two sessions running consecutively,
and you can come to either or both:

Guitar for Beginners (with tuition) starts at 1.30pm and lasts an hour
The main Jamming session starts immediately afterwards at 2.30pm                               

Risk Assessments for this Group (especially related to the Coronavirus situation) are as follows
Blues Rock Jazz Session here.
Guitar Tuition here

Jamming sessions have continued via Zoom throughout all the lockdowns. However, we are not able to play together via Zoom because of the communication delay between the various participants, so in each session we individually play and everyone else mutes themselves but then plays along with whoever is playing. Not everyone is comfortable playing individually in this way but we usually get six to eight people who are, and everyone playing individually for us, chooses their own material.

We now have something approaching 150 songs (excluding Xmas carols) in our repertoire and we are all desperate to get back together ‘on stage’. There’s nothing to beat making music together even though we are mixed ability. We are also looking forward to playing one or two live gigs again for various other organisations in addition to our own esteemed BFu3a (e.g. Wokingham u3a Rock and Roll Group, Bracknell Women’s Institute etc).

We are hoping to start playing live together after 17th May at the Bracknell Methodist Church.

Guitar tuition sessions have likewise continued via Zoom. When regulations permit, we plan to offer face-to-face tuition for absolute beginners.

For more information please email:-