Art - Watercolour

This Group is a friendly gathering of beginners and novices in the art of watercolour.  We meet regularly throughout the year every other Wednesday afternoon usually in an art studio at Bracknell's South Hill Park Arts Centre.

There are no tutors and no testing of your ability so Members practice their own techniques  and develop their own style. This could be by drawing a composition to scale, stretching their paper, transferring the outline picture onto the watercolour paper, perhaps also doing a tonal drawing and of course painting their picture. Or perhaps by referring to an art book or photograph and just having a go, possibly with a little advice and assistance from other members.

Although the Group has adopted a 'do your own thing' approach rather than a structured ‘tutored’ course the standard of watercolours exhibited by the Group is quite high. This is quite encouraging as most members have done very little art and in particular watercolour until they retired and joined U3A.

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Recent Activities

In October 2018 the group exhibited watercolours at the annual Northern Parishes Arts Festival at Brownlow Hall.
This time we had a significant number of paintings to display covering a number of genres.