How We Are Organised

The Committee is the Bracknell Forest U3A executive body.
It comprises the statutory posts of:-

Admin Secretary
along with 7 other 'ordinary' committee members.

The Committee must be elected/re-elected at the AGM in May each year.

No-one may be Chairman or Vice-Chairman for more than 3 consecutive years.

The main work of the BF U3A is carried out by the various Interest Groups. Each Interest Group needs a Coordinator who has overall responsibility for that Group but is not necessarily the person that leads individual sessions. Like the BF U3A itself, each Group must meet its own expenses - usually through a small contribution each time a member attends.

The Committee delegates specific duties to numerous other members. These duties include:

Web Editor
Publicity officer
Events Secretary
Groups Support Officer
Membership Secretary
Speakers’ Secretary
Minutes Secretary
Newsletter Editor(s)
Newsletter Copying & Mailing Team
Door staff for Open Meetings
Voulunteer Team
Refreshment Team for Open Meetings (supplied by each Interest Group in turn)

For several of these duties, it is either necessary or desirable that they be undertaken by Committee Members.