Information - Bracknell Forest

This page contains information for BFU3A members and some general local information for all to delve into. If it sounds interesting, click on the link to view more.

General Information

A Stroke and the FAST test - How to recognise the effects of a Stroke
The Silvers Workshop - Part of the "Men's Shed Movement"
Interested in voulunteering locally? - Involve is the Bracknell volunteer centre.
Click here to see Involve's December 2016 bulletin

Information for BFU3A Members Only

Click to view our BFU3A Constitution
Click to view our Fire Evacuation Procedure at Open Meetings.
Click to view our Volunteers Policy.
If you are planning to run an outing of any sort please read Guidelines for Outings.
Groups on refreshment duties at open meetings see Refreshment Procedure
If you want to post any photos on this website please read Photos on BFU3A.
The use of the U3A Trademark
Advice sheet for group leaders regarding Disabled Members